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With its highly specialized CPP Coating Engineering Co., Ltd. (CPPCE), CPP is able to provide customers with anticorrosion services in pipeline, bend pipe and tank construction by utilizing the high-tech facilities, which is one of CPP core business. It also provides reliable services on pipeline insulation, offshore pipeline concrete weight coating, joint coating, 3PP coating, anticorrosion material production and sales, anticorrosion equipment manufacture and sales, and has rich experience in professional integrated anticorrosion service, which includes integrating anticorrosion technical consultation, R&D, production and construction. CPPCE has been awarded Grade A National Qualification in Professional Contractor in Anticorrosion and Insulation, and its high quality services have been recognized by companies in China and abroad.

The company has an annual construction ability of 6,000km pipeline anticorrosion (insulation), 350km offshore pipeline concrete weight coating, and liquid coating for 150,000 joints. By now, it has completed more than 40,000km pipeline anticorrosion construction, with 23,000 kilometers in China and over 17,000 kilometers abroad. Novel internal and external anticorrosion paint, polyurethane joint coating material, epoxy powder material and thermal shrinkage sleeve produced by CPPCE have been widely applied to both Chinese key projects and overseas pipeline projects such as Malaysia RAPID tank coating, Iraq Garraf HDPE lining, Central Asia pipeline, Sudan pipeline, Myanmar-China pipeline, Algeria pipeline and so on.

Main Business

1. Line/Bend Pipe Internal and External Coating

External Coating: Single Layer Fusion Bonded Epoxy(FBE), Double-Layer Fusion Bonded Epoxy(duo-FBE), Double-Layer Polyethylene(2LPE), Three-Layer Polyethylene(3LPE), Three-Layer Polypropylene(3LPP), Liquid Coating, Coal Tar Enamel Coating, Coal Tar Epoxy, composite foam jacketing insulation pipe, offshore concrete weight coating, pipeline casing and so on.

Internal Coating: Liquid paint coating, FBE coating, cement mortar lining, HDPE lining and so on.


CWC: The company has developed Concrete Weight Coating (CWC) operation line for prefabricating and processing various submarine pipeline concrete weight layers.


2. Custom Coating Services

CPP owned custom coating plant has the capability of internal and external coating for various sizes of work pieces according to client’s requirements . External custom coating: Single-layer Fusion Bonded Epoxy (FBE) + Cold Wrapping Tape, Double-layer Fusion Bonded Epoxy (DUO-FBE), Liquid Epoxy Coating, Solvent-free Polyurethane, 3LPE/PP coating, heat shrinkable tape, metal powder thermal spray and Polyurethane foam jacketing insulation, Portable water coating and so on.


3. Coating Application at Site

The company has the capability to accomplish various types of field coating services with specialized equipments and crews according to the client’s demand.


4. Tank Coating Services

The company possesses advanced equipments for storage tank coating and insulation, and can provide professional and economical services of coating and insulation for metal oil/gas storage tanks.


5. Coating Equipment Manufacturing

In 1999, the company developed the first 3-layer composite coating production line in China; In 2003, it developed large-caliber mounted multifunction external coating line and large-caliber mounted internal coating line; The company also compiled national-level Construction Method for Steel Pipeline Fixed/Mounted 3LPE External Coating and Construction Method for Large-caliber Pipeline Internal Coating. These achievements have been successfully applied to domestic and overseas large pipeline construction projects. In addition, the cutback cutting machine developed by CPPCE has obtained national patent in 2008.


6. Production and Sales of Pipeline Anticorrosion Material

The company has established two heat shrink material production plants based in Tianjin and Suzhou, mainly producing ZF-HSW radiation cross-linking high-density polyethylene heat shrinking sleeve (wrap), ZF-CRP repair plate, ZF-VECT series elastic-viscous anticorrosion tape, ZF-VECC elastic-viscous anticorrosion paste, ZF-CTB-Y polyethylene anticorrosion cold wrapping belt and so on. The products are mainly applied on field anticorrosion and maintenance for petroleum, natural gas and water pipeline/tank projects and so on.


The company is able to produce epoxy materials, fluorocarbon materials, chlorinated rubber materials, acrylic materials, alkyd resin materials, polyurethane materials and coal tar enamel materials for anticorrosion in petroleum and chemical industry according to client's requirements.


7. Technical Consultation on Anticorrosion Engineering


The company has the capacity to provide technical consultation on anticorrosion technology for metal pipeline and metal structure to customers in China and abroad and customers can estimate the design and construction quality of their anticorrosion projects and determine the maintenance as well as updating plan for in-service pipelines based on the consulting results.