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China Petroleum Pipeline Commissioning and Operation Company (CPPCOC) has the business capacity to undertake commissioning and start-up, operation management, maintenance and overhaul, training and technical consulting of a variety of oil and gas storage and transportation equipment (oil and gas pipelines, stations, tank farm, underground storage cavern, oil-gas field gathering and transportation and central processing plant, city gas, etc.) with advanced technology and rich practical experiences. The Company has more than 20 projects ongoing in Sudan, South Sudan, Chad, Niger, Tanzania, Iraq, Myanmar, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and China.

Main Business



CPPCOC has the commissioning and operation capacity to undertake a variety of oil and gas storage and transportation facilities (oil and gas pipelines, stations, tank farm, underground storage cavern, oil-gas field gathering and transportation and central processing plant, etc. CPPCOC had commissioned more than 20,000 km oil and gas pipelines and has great experience in commissioning and start-up in various conditions. CPPCOC has successfully completed more than 35 domestic and overseas large scale pipeline commissioning projects, such as in Sudan, Libya, Kenya, Central Asia, Chad, Niger, the second West-East Natural Gas Pipeline, Natural gas transmission from Sichuan to East China. Notably, five projects were implemented simultaneously and nearly 10,000 km pipelines was operated successfully in 2009, which made CPPCOC an international famous brand.


Oil and gas operation

Since its establishment, CPPCOC has successfully managed and operated pipelines and stations at home and abroad including Sudan, Libya, Central-Asia and so on. CPPCOC is now operating over 10,200 km oil and gas pipelines, offers a professional team consisting of qualified and experienced management personnel, process engineers, operators as per actual system situation and client requirements.


Maintenance and inspection

CPPCOC is able to provide overhaul service for various kinds of storage and transportation facilities, such as oil delivery pumps, diesel engines etc. Since operating Sudan pipeline, CPPCOC undertook the oil transfer pump and diesel engine overhaul project and then expanded its operation to Libya, Chad, Niger, and west pipeline and Lan-Zheng-Chang pipeline in China. The company has the team in China specialized in pipeline maintenance which offer professional technology service in maintenance of stations, pipelines and valve rooms.


Technology consulting

CPPCOC is able to provide technical advices and technical supports for the commissioning and operation of various types of oil and gas storage and transportation facilities. CPPCOC provides a methodology based on international standard which covers all aspects regarding oil and gas pipeline system, CPF, offshore pipeline and platform commissioning, start-up and operation work.


Professional training

CPPCOC has a fully functional training center, including advanced multimedia digital voice classrooms, OTS (operation training system),oil and gas pipelines and CPF training base to provide high-quality professional and technical training services for domestic and foreign owners. It also has a dedicated team for training service, provides training program and material development, in door and on job training. The training center was set up in 2007, cooperated with China Petroleum University and South-West Petroleum University, performed customized training for more than 1,000 trainees for the clients from Sudan, Libya, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and China etc.


Environmental monitoring, instrumentation, alarm verification business

CPPCOC has national-level qualifications of Measurement Accreditation Certificate, Certificate for Examination of Measurement Standard and Special Measurement Authorization Certificate, and is the only combustible gas alarm certification institution of CNPC. It can carry out verification work of environmental monitoring, instrumentation and alarm.