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Digital Communication

CPP Telecommunication & Electric Engineering Corporation is a supporting company for China Petroleum Information Technology Support Center and emergency communications. It has been qualified Grade A as a national communication EPC contractor, and obtained business permit for value-added telecom services (ISP, IDC, VSAT), qualification for communication information network system integration and computer information system integration, certificates for software enterprises and software products, telecommunication service management license, software capabilities maturity model integration certification (CMMI) and production license for security technology protection products; technology and services including VOIP voice, internet phone, broadband access, satellite communications, data center, emergency communications, video conferencing , Microwave communications, etc., among which 10 KU, C-band satellite communications master platforms are in operation, the global coverage of satellite communications provides services as voice, data, fax, images, video, conference, internet access and satellite positioning, navigation, time service, etc.. With the professional information construction and service capabilities, the company has the ability to provide the clients with technical advice, planning, construction, operation, security services for emergency command platform, emergency communication network construction and vehicle emergency communication system integration.

Main Business:

1. Communication Engineering

Design, procurement, construction and debugging for optical communication, microwave communication, mobile communication, satellite communication, soft switch, cable television, industrial television and other communication systems as well as ancillary works.

2. Power Engineering

220kV or lower voltage power transmission and distribution installation projects, power generation projects for unit capacity below 10,000kW, buildings direct lightning protection works.

3. Security Protection Engineering

Various security protection projects including core technologies as fiber optic sensing, infrared detection and video surveillance management platform, providing products and solutions for oil and gas pipeline (tank) leakage monitoring, regional perimeter prevention, pipeline (optical cable) security forewarning, video surveillance and other areas.

4. Catholic Protection Engineering

Catholic Protection projects of pipeline, tanks, etc.

5. Communication Operation

VOIP voice, broadband access, data center operation and maintenance, etc.

6. Satellite Communication

The company owns China petroleum satellite base, and the largest domestic enterprise satellite network with broadest coverage and most complete system features; high-level scientific and technological research and development capabilities, satellite communication navigation services provided.

7. Operation and Maintenance Services

Maintenance and emergency repair services for the communication and power system.

8. Emergency Communication

Technical consultation, planning, construction, operation and maintenance services for emergency command platform, emergency communication network construction, and vehicle emergency communication system integration.

9. System Integration

The whole process of technical services including overall planning, design, equipment configuration and selection, software development, project implementation, operation and protection for information construction, automation control, etc.

The company is dedicated in the integration application for optical fiber sensing, optoelectronics, cloud computing, internet of things, system integration, electronic engineering and etc.. It has developed special and characteristic technology and products such as optical fiber security forewarning, infrared temperature imaging, unmanned aerial motion detection, oil & gas pipeline and optical cable (silicon-core pipe) laid in the same trench. The self-developed “Pipeline Optical Fiber Security Forewarning System”, by using optical fiber as the sensing and transmission medium, implements long-distance continuous real-time monitoring for surrounding changes to achieve identification, positioning and advanced warning for the protection objective.