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Telecommunications and Electricity

CPP has obtained Grade A as a national communication EPC contractor, Grade C as a national power EPC contractor, Grade B as a national power transmission and distribution contractor, Grade A for Ministry of Commerce Foreign Aid Project Construction; capable of undertaking design, procurement, construction and debugging for optical communication, microwave communication, mobile communication, satellite communication, soft switch, cable television, industrial television and other communication systems as well as ancillary works, 220kV or lower voltage power transmission and distribution installation projects, power generation projects for unit capacity below 10,000kW, direct lightning protection works.

Typical Projects:


China-Myanmar Pipeline Communication Installation Project

Owner: Petrochina Pipeline Construction Project Management Department

Location: Yunnan, Guizhou, Guangxi

Scope of work: The whole line of communication cable construction and station communication, electrical equipment installation, including a total of 1779.54 km trunk line for the 36-core cable, branch line 1601.26 km for the 16-core cable.

Total length: 3380.8km

Work content: procurement and construction

Period of work: 2013-2014


Congo (B) 220kV Power Transmission & Distribution Line Project

Owner: China Machinery Engineering Corporation

Location: Central north of Congo (B), start from Ngo, via Gamboma, Oyo, ended in Boundji and Owando.

Scope of work: Construction for 260.5km of 220kV line, 91km of 110kV line, 16.6km of 30kV line.

Total length: 368.1km

Work content: construction

Period of work: 2009-2011