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Agadem Oilfield Crude Oil Pipeline Project in Niger
Φ323.9mm     462.5km  

Kenya West Pipeline Expansion Project (Line 4) 
Φ355.6mm     326km 

Chad Crude Oil Export Pipeline Project (Chad II)

Tanzania Natural Gas Pipeline Project
Onshore pipeline Φ762mm 517km  
Offshore pipeline Φ762km 25km

EPC for Chad Oilfield Surface Engineering Phase 2.2
Φ406mm 86km

Namibia Bay of Whales Oil Terminal Project
83,500m3 tanks

Operational Maintenance of Natural Gas Pipelines in Tanzania
OnshoreΦ914mm  492km Φ813mm  25km
OffshoreΦ610mm  25km

Fishing Port Product Oil Depot in Angola
7 tanks, with a total capacity of 81,700m3

Fishing Port Expansion Phase III & IV Project in Luanda, Angola
10 tanks, 19,500m3/tank; two 20-inch 855m Offshore pipelines, spread mooring (CBM), terminal manifold (PLEM)

Malanje Product Oil Depot in Angola
5 tanks, with a total capacity of 19,500m3

Uige Road Construction Project, Angola
Construction of 38 kilometers road

Juanda Airport Oil Depot in Angola
Two buried floor-type jet fuel tanks, 1000m3 each

Ghana Tema Tank Farm Project
Product oil tank, 8, 13,500m³ eachLPG
LPG tanks, 4, 2,000m³ each

Limbe-Yaounde Product Oil Pipeline Engineering Technical Services in Cameroon
Onshore Φ323mm/Φ355mm (12”/14”)  355km

FEED Consultation for Tema Product Oil Storage Facilities in Ghana
Six tanks, with a total capacity of 100,000m³

Elephant Oilfield Water Injection Project, Libya

Mnazi Bay and Songo Songo Natural Gas Treatment Plant Project, Tanzania