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Central Asia & Russia

Central Asia Natural Gas Pipelines A and B
Φ1067mm  3630km      

Central Asia Natural Gas Pipeline C
Φ1219mm   1621km      

China-Kazakhstan Oil Pipeline Phase II
Φ1066mm  308.7km      

East Siberian-Pacific Ocean Oil Pipeline Phase I, Russia
Φ1220mm 170.326km   

Atasu-Alataw Pass Pipeline in Kazakhstan
Procurement for 10# pump station

Potable Water Supply System Transformation in Alat and Carla Curry Districts of Bukhara Province, Uzbekistan
Onshore pipeline (Glass Reinforced Plastics - GRP) DN400MM  5.8km
DN300MM  2.18km
(High strength HDPE) DN110-280  21.17km
DN50-200MM  223.4km

China-Uzbekistan Natural Gas Pipeline 3# Compressor Station External Water Supply
Onshore water pipeline (HDPE) DN160mm  17km

Heilongjiang river HDD crossing Project