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West-East Gas Pipeline Project Phase II (west)

Φ1219/Φ1016mm   2788km

Northeast Pipeline Network
Φ1016/Φ711/Φ508/Φ457/Φ355/Φ323/Φ273/Φ219mm  895km

Sebei-Xining-Lanzhou Complex Line
Φ660mm   918km

Zhongwei-Guiyang Connection Line Segment 6
Φ1016mm   359km

Guizhou Natural Gas Pipeline Network
Φ711/Φ508/Φ406/Φ273Φ219mm   528km

Surface Loading Facilities of Anning Initial Station in Yunnan Product Oil Pipeline Construction
8 sets of tanks, with a total capacity of 60,000m³

Second Sewage-to-Sea Discharge Pipeline Work – Offshore Engineering, Huizhou Dayawan Petrochemical Industry Park
Φ1016mm  37.55km

Lanzhou-Dingxi Gas Transmission Pipeline Project
Φ508/Φ273mm  143.57km

Port of Tianjin-North China Petrochemical Pipeline Project
Φ508mm  188km

Hohhot-Baotou-Erdos Product Oil Pipeline Project
Φ355/Φ273mm   270km

Lanzhou-Chengdu Crude Oil Pipeline Project Segment 2
Φ610mm   262km

Jinzhou-Zhengzhou Product Oil Pipeline Project Segment 4
Φ559mm   249.36km

Xiangtan-Loudi-Shaoyang Natural Gas Pipeline
Φ508mm   232km

Lanzhou-Zhengzhou-Changsha Product Oil Pipeline
Φ660/Φ610/Φ508/Φ406/Φ355 /Φ323/Φ273/Φ219mm  3105km

Zhongwei-Guiyang Connection Line Segment 3
Φ1016mm   225.6km

Tieling-Dalian Pipeline Safety Refitment Project (Anshan-Dalian Section)
Φ813/Φ711mm  350km

Changqing Oilfield-Hohhot Petrochemical Crude Oil Pipeline Project
Φ457mm   578km

West-East Gas Pipeline Project Phase II (east)
Φ1219/Φ1016/Φ660/Φ508/Φ406mm  4045km

West-East Gas Pipeline Project Phase III (west) Segment 1
Φ1219mm   310km

West-East Gas Pipeline Project Phase III (east) Segment 2
Φ1219/Φ1016mm   587.8km

West-East Gas Pipeline Project Phase III (west) Segment 3
Φ1219mm   499km

Hunan Pipeline Network (Changsha-Liuyang) Natural Gas Branch Project 

Xinhua Natural Gas Branch Project

Miluo-Xiangyin-Quyuan Branch Pipeline Project
Φ323/Φ273/Φ219/Φ168mm  164km

Russia- China(East)Crude Oil Pipeline Phase II Segment 2
Φ813mm  221.2km

Shaanxi-Beijing Phase I Internal Inspection Project

Shaanxi-Beijing Phase III Gas Transmission Pipeline Project
Φ1016mm   992km

Shaanxi-Beijing Phase IV Gas Transmission Pipeline Project Segment 1
Φ1219/Φ1016mm  318.9km

Shaanxi-Beijing Phase IV Gas Transmission Pipeline Station Project Segment 2
5 stations

Shaanxi-Beijing Phase IV Gas Transmission Pipeline Project (Baodi-Xianghe-Xiji Branch Project Segment 2)
Φ1016mm  38.1km

Russia-China (East) Natural Gas Pipeline Trial Section Phase I
Φ1422mm  6.955km

Myanmar-China Crude Oil, Natural Gas and Product Oil Pipeline Project
Φ1016/Φ813/Φ610/Φ406/Φ324/Φ219mm  1497km

Jinxi Petrochemical Export Pipeline Project
Φ406/Φ273/Φ219mm  206km

Zhongwei-Jingbian Gas Transmission Pipeline Project Segment 2
Φ1219mm  151.4km

Changqing Oilfield Surface Engineering
Φ711/Φ660/Φ610/Φ508/Φ457/Φ406/Φ323/Φ273/Φ219/Φ159mm   11972km

Duwu Crude Oil Pipeline Project
Φ610mm   230km

Sebei-Xining-Lanzhou Natural Gas Pipeline Rectification of Hidden Dangers
Φ660mm  52.63km

Shanxi CBM (Natural Gas) Pipeline Project
Φ508/Φ406/Φ273mm   1049km

Comprehensive Utilization of Natural Gas in Ulanqub, Inner Mongolia
Φ406/Φ323mm  68.4km

Tarim Oilfield Surface Project
Φ813/Φ610/Φ508/Φ406/Φ355/Φ323/Φ273/Φ219/Φ168mm  231.6km

Guangxi Pipeline Network Project 
Φ355/Φ323mm  29.1km

Yunnan Pipeline Network Project 
Φ406/Φ219mm  115km

Rizhao-Dongming Crude Oil Pipeline Project
Φ711/Φ610mm   448km
500,000m3/d LNG Plant Process Unit and Utilities

Lanzhou-Chengdu Crude Oil Pipeline Pre-Commissioning Intelligent Calibration Project

HP Natural Gas Pipeline In-Operation Plugging and Branching Project On Shuyuan Road, Changsha City 

East and West Pipelines In-Operation Plugging and Hot-tapping Project of Huade Petrochemical Pipeline

West-East Gas Pipeline Project (East) Shanghai Branch Valve-Changing Project (West II Valve Changing – 16# Valve Chamber)

Zhongwei-Yinchuan Pipeline Transmission Adaptation Transformation Project – Joint Construction With Hot Work

Lanzhou-Chengdu Oil Transmission Pipeline (Jiangyou K745+142 Plugging and Emergency Pipe Change)