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Southeast Asia

Provincial Gas Transmission Pipeline Project To Nakhon Sawan, Thailand

HDD Crossing of Ayeyarwady River and Tributary and Pipeline Section Construction of Char of Ayeyarwady River, Myanmar
Oil pipeline Φ813mm 5.6469km
Gas pipeline Φ1016mm/Φ114mm5.6167km

Myitnge River Aerial Crossing, Myanmar
Oil pipelineΦ813mm 483.923m
Gas pipelineΦ1016mm 482.266m

East-West Gas Pipeline Project, India
Φ1219mm 764km

Oil Tank Farm at Made Initial Station(Section 2), Myanmar
6×100, 000m3 external double-deck floating roof oil storage tanks

30" OD High Pressure Natual Gas Pipeline by HDD Method across the PADMA River, Bangladesh
φ762mm 2.2km

42"Dia Pipeline Crossing Indus River Through HDD at Upstream of Kotri Barrage, Pakistan
Φ1067mm 2.085km

Myanmar-China Crude Oil and Natural Gas Pipeline Project, Myanmar
Oil pipeline Φ813mm 356.507km
Gas pipeline Φ1016mm 356.55km

The Fourth Transmission Pipeline Midline Compressor Station Project,Natural Gas Pipeline Project in Nakhon Sawan, Thailand
4 Nos. of gas turbine driven compressor package

Wang Noi-Kaeng Khoi Gas Pipeline System, Thailand
φ914mm, 73km

The Petroleum Product Storage and Distribution Terminal Project, Myanmar
3×8000 m³ bitumen storage,
3×12000 m³gasoil/gasline tanks,
2×5000 m³ gasoil/gasline tanks,
3×7000 m³ jet fuel tanks,

Package 4: Gas Pipeline in Thilawa Area under Infrastructure Development Project in Thilawa Area (Phase 1), Myanmar
Φ508mm, 2km

Water Pipeline Project in Mandalay Myotha Industrial Park, Myanmar
Design output of water 200m³/h, pipe length 21km

36" to 42" Dia High Pressure Natural Gas Pipeline Canal Crossing Through HDD Mode in Punjab and Sindh,Pakistan
φ914-1067mm, 2.469km

Construction of 24" Dia High Pressure Natural Gas Pipeline Canal Crossing Through HDD Mode in Punjab,Pakistan
Φ610mm, 0.886km

HDD Work Indus Highway to Dadu (N-55) Crossing at Km 119+575 (HDD) 75.53 Length of Crossing, Pakistan
Φ1067mm, 375m

HDD Work at Rbod SEM Nala Crossing Km 122+248 (HDD) & at Motorway (M-9) Crossing Km 99+275 (TB), Pakistan
Φ1067mm, 405m