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CPP, with its high-quality services, has won many awards in China and abroad, including Luban Prize (China’s highest accolade for construction project), Tanzania President’s Award, and Outstanding Contribution Award for Central Asia Natural Gas Pipeline Project, etc.

【CPP Tanzania Project Wins Presidential Award】

In October 10, 2015, a Certificate of Achievement was issued to CPP by the Tanzanian President Kikwete for outstanding contribution to the construction of Tanzania Gas pipeline, quoting that "CPP has contributed to the United Republic of Tanzania" by "successful completion of the engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning of the project that has greatly benefited the United Republic of Tanzania".

【Luban Prize】

In November 2017, in the Myanmar-China crude oil pipelines project, CPP had successfully applied 11 new technologies of 7 categories including green construction, high-grade steel pipeline, seismic reinforcement and inspection to solve the construction problems in the complex environment. 12 high-tech construction technologies for large-diameter long-distance pipelines such as the 3D technology of subsea pipeline, large-diameter parallel subsea pipelines were used at the same time. The project had created a world record of 126-meter steel pipe jacking with 1600 mm pipeline, and conquered the "world class crossing difficulty" by horizontal directional drilling through Irrawaddy. The project had solved a number of global engineering problems, created a number of technological innovations, and applied a large number of high-tech and key technologies, which enabled the project construction to reach the international advanced technology level. It had developed 2 national construction methods, granted 10 national patents, and innovated three new equipment.

【Gold Medal of China Quality Project】

In June 2016, during the construction of the Myanmar-China crude oil pipelines project, CPP had carefully organized project management and fine construction, both pipe welding one-time pass rate and girth weld coating one-time pass rate exceeded 98%. The pass rate of pipeline buried depth and pipe marker accuracy rate had reached 100%. The unit project one-time pass rate had reached 100%, and high-quality rate exceeded 90%. The project construction attached great importance to safety and environmental protection, strictly followed international standards, and strengthened the entire process of project quality control. The construction of the project had achieved the HSSE goal of "zero accident, zero environmental pollution, zero injury, and zero social security incident".

【Petronas Focused Recognition】

In April 2017, Malaysia project P1401 had completed critical milestones in a timely and safe manner in the face of many unfavorable factors such as late manpower mobilization, shortage of resources, tight work schedules, and unforeseeable weather conditions, which had laid a powerful base for the following hydrostatic test and guaranteed the overall progress of the project.

【CPP Letter of Appreciation from Thailand】

In August 2017, CPP Thailand Nakhon Sawan project team had completed the project with diligence, high efficiency, professionalism and high quality. In particular, in quality management and quality control, it had achieved zero defect in the 193km pipeline coating, one-time pass rate for welding exceeded 96%, 100% golden weld one-time pass rate, pressure test zero defect, and zero rework in 64 HDD crossings with total length of 60km and 202 pipe jacking with total length of 14km.

【CPP Angola Praised by Puma Energy】

In 2016, CPP Angola had received the letter of appreciation from the client, Puma Energy, in which Mr. Yiannis Kontonis, Head of Construction of Puma Energy Africa Region, had fully affirmed and praised the excellent performance of the CPP in project management.

In the letter, Puma Energy states that CPP Angola had successfully demonstrated its ability in a series of projects. CPP’s dynamic approach, ambition, and unremitting efforts had made itself a successful team. Throughout the construction of the project, the Angolan team had always demonstrated high level of professionalism and successfully responded to the difficulties and challenges brought about by the complex and ever-changing project environment. CPP also hired a professional team of consultants to guarantee the project complies with international standards and specifications while ensuring that the project is delivered according to the planned milestones.

【CPP Badra Updating the construction record to win high appreciation from client】

CPP Badra flow line and expansion project had successfully updated the record for the shortest commissioning of single well in Badra to 7 days, helping the client to achieve the production target 8 days in advance.

All of Gazprom's Dubai and field seniors had sent congratulations to the project team for the amazing and extremely high performance of CPP, who would like to be forwarded to CPP team and will issue letter of appreciation.

▲ Screenshot of Client Email

【CPP Commended in Papua New Guinea】

In the Phase I of the PNG Tank Expansion Project, CPP had built two 40,000m3 crude oil storage tanks, two 18,000m3 refined oil storage tanks, and other professional facilities such as firefighting, electrical equipment, and anti-corrosion. The two crude oil storage tanks successfully put into operation were the largest volume of external floating roof tanks that CPP had erected in overseas markets. After started of welding, CPP had achieved all milestones in accordance with the client's requirements for time. In terms of safety and quality, CPP had also created a good result with zero safety accident and 99% welding pass rate.

As stated in the letter of appreciation, CPP had established a benchmark in the entire construction industry of PNG, and the client is looking forward to a long lasting cooperation with CPP.

【CPP Praised in Kenya project】

The owner of Kenya Line No. 6, Kenya Pipeline Company Limited, had sent a letter of appreciation to CPP that highlighting the project management and top construction capability expressing their satisfaction regarding the successful completion of the work.

In the letter, the client had highly praised CPP globally first-class EPC capability in seven aspects such as project quality, design and engineering, time, equipment on site, manpower, technology transfer and social responsibility.

【The Best Contractor Won by CPP Badra project】

CPP Badra flow line project team had received "The Best Contractor" certificate from GAZPROM.

CPP entered Iraq's Badra Oil Field in 2012 and had long-term cooperation with GAZPROM. Relying on the Badra project, CPP was committed to project quality, project management and corporate culture. All the wells and manifolds put into production were fully functional without failure, and the construction records were continuously renewed. One Million Safe Man-hours Certificates was also issued by the owners. CPP had won the full recognition of GAZPROM with high-quality project and outstanding comprehensive strength.

【CPP Praised by PDOC】

In March 2018, in the project of power supply from national grid to pump station 4&5, CPP had optimized the resources to ensure that the project was completed on schedule and was appreciated by PetroDar Operating Company.

【CPP Garraf FCP Upgrading Project Achievement】

After handing over the FCP Upgrading Project to client for operation, Petronas Middle East representative and the project manager had issued the achievement certificate highly praising CPP performance in the shutdown.

The main task of the Garraf FCP upgrade project was to dismantle the existing equipment specified in the station, install new equipment, and debug the electronic control system during the shutdown period.

The client, Petronas, is known for its strict requirements. Considering various disciplines, heavy workload, and limited construction time for the FCP upgrading project. CPP had successfully completed the major construction tasks and obtained the honorary certificates issued by the client.

【CPP Majinoon FCP Project Praised by Shell】

The performance of the construction work by the CPP Majinoon FCP Project during the shutdown of the DS2 and MJE20 stations in the Majinoon Oilfield had won appreciation from the client, Shell Iraq Petroleum Development B.V.

During the upgrading of DS2 and MJE20 stations, CPP Majinoon FCP Project had taken scientific planning and careful deployment to complete construction work during shutdown period quickly and efficiently despite many interfaces and HSE challenges.

【CPP Appreciated by GNPOC for Eltoor Pipeline Emergency Repair】

GNPOC expressed its appreciation for CPP dedicated effort in emergency repair of Eltoor pipeline leakage in January 2012.