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Maintenance of Automation & Telecommunication

Automation of Oil & Gas Storage and Transportation

CPP has rich experience in consulting, designing, integrating, programming and configuration, installing and commissioning, putting into operation and running-maintenance services for SCADA systems such as long-distance oil and gas pipelines, matched oil depots and urban pipe networks, and has successively completed a series of SCADA system projects such as the West-East Gas Pipeline which is the longest gas transmission pipeline in Asia, and has also carried out the SCADA system project with the highest altitude and the toughest condition in the world. Internationally, CPP has undertaken pipeline automation system projects in many countries such as Sudan, Libya, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Mozambique, Chad, Niger, Iraq, Myanmar, Tanzania and Angola. The company is now in the leading position in the industry in China and is the main construction enterprise of domestic oil and gas pipeline SCADA system engineering.


Communication Operation and Maintenance

CPP has a communication operation and maintenance work scope that covers network management, optical communication, satellite communication, perimeter security, program-controlled/software switch, industrial television, video conferencing, communication power supply and integrated wiring. Major domestic projects undertaken by CPP including 5 Network Management System Services, 25 oil and gas pipelines with 20,000 kilometers of optical cable lines, communications systems with more than 870 stations (valve rooms) and operation and maintenance management of ancillary facilities. CPP has independently researched and developed optical fiber sensing, infrared detection, industrial video surveillance and other core technologies to provide oil and gas pipeline (storage tank) leak detection, regional perimeter prevention, pipeline safety warning, video surveillance and other product solutions. The fiber pipeline safety warning system has been successfully used in long-distance oil and gas pipelines, urban gas pipelines and defense fields home and abroad.