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CPP owns a national high-tech company that specializes in manufacturing long-distance pipeline equipment as well as oil and gas gathering and transportation equipment, China Petroleum Pipeline Machinery Manufacture Co.,Ltd (CPPM). It has mainly four categories of products, piping components(hot bends, hot/cold pressure pipe fittings, insulation joint, quick opening closure, gas distributor), pressure vessels (oil-gas land gathering and transportation equipment and pipeline pressure equipments, LNG storage and transportation equipment), industrial furnace products (industrial heating furnace, steam furnace, hot water furnace, vacuum furnace), and oil-gas storage and transportation process skid unit (pressure regulating and metering skid, pipeline station process unit skid).

CPPM designs and manufactures the pressure vessel up to 100MPa, and the industrial furnace up to 14.5MW, LNG storage tank up to 200m³, and other pressure equipment and components for oil-gas storage and transportation stations. The annual output is up to 20,000 tons; The company is able to produce DN10mm-DN1600mm hot bends, coiling pipes, and pipe fittings with materials of carbon steel, alloy steel, steel for petroleum pipeline, etc. The annual output of hot bends with diameter larger than 1016mm can be up to 15,000 pieces. The annual output of the pipe fittings amounts to more than 10,000 tons.


After more than 40 years of development, CPPM focuses on higher level of technology for new products research and development. The X80 hot bend is an international initiative, and successfully used in the Second West-East Gas Pipeline Project, Myanmar to China Pipeline Project (domestic section) etc; Φ1422mm high pressure large diameter insulation joint and Φ1550 quick-opening closure are in world leading position. The products and services of CPPM have been widely used in oil exploitation, petrochemical industry, storage and transportation of oil and natural gas, urban fuel gas, chemical fiber, building material, etc. And the products are sold to Sudan, Libya, Kazakhstan, Niger, Chad and Kenya, etc.