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CPP Wang Yaofei’s Deeds Published in Medias Including CCTV during May Day


At 19:40 on May 1st, CCTV's first channel and news channel "Focus Interview" column have broadcasted the deeds of Welder Wang Yaofei, National May Day Labor Medal Winnerfrom CPP No. 3 Construction Company, entitled "Small Work, Big Act" for 7 minutes and 33 seconds, which has caused a strong response.

The program was broadcasted during the May 1st Labor Day. It mainly talked about Wang Yaofei’s story of a craftsman workinghard, pursuing excellence, encountering difficulties, innovating ingeniously, and transforming from apprenticeship to a technology leader to stand on the highest podium in the country.

At the same time, "People's Daily", "Guangming Daily", "Workers' Daily", China Radio International, Central People's Broadcasting Station, and other central and local newspapers, networks, television stations and radio stationsfrom Henan, Hebei and Beijing have published the story of Wang Yaofei.