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CPP SPM Project in Bangladesh Starts Onshore Pipeline Pigging and Calipering


On April 14, under the witness of the consultancy, the first pig was launched into the diesel pipeline with a diameter of 914 mm, and the pigging operation was started by air compressor. Since then, the CPP No.4 Construction Company officially started the pigging and calipering of land pipelines for the Bangladesh Single-point Mooring and Dual-line Pipeline Projects.

The project includes two parts of pipeline in the north and the south. The southern one from the landing point at Matarbari Island to the tank area consists of 4 pipelines laid in parallel. The northern one runs from the northern landing point to Eastern Refinery Ltd. It consists of two pipelines of crude oil and diesel with a pipe diameter of 457 mm. The length of a single pipeline is about 23 kilometers. The first pigging pipeline this time is the diesel pipeline with a diameter of 914 mm in the southern part, and subsequent pigging and pressure testing will be carried out for the crude oil pipeline with a diameter of 914 mm and two pipelines with a diameter of 457 mm.