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CPP Bangladesh SPM Project Completes Diesel Storage Tank Lattice Shell


On April 27, the CPP SPM project finished the latticed shell installation of the diesel tank No.1.

The Bangladesh Single-point Mooring Project undertaken by CPP includes 3 crude oil double-deck external floating roof storage tanks and 3 high-speed diesel domed tanks with a total net capacity of 240,000 cubic meters.

The installation of lattice shell adopts the upward erection method, and the installation of wall and bottom plate adopts the automatic welding method. During the construction, the project department strictly followed the construction plan of the tank top reticulated shell, and successfully lifted the reticulated shell to the specified height. According to the design requirements, the edge of the shell was welded to the tank wall and the conical plates as a whole. The completion of lattice shell won time for installation of roof plate and subsequent process such as water filling, settlement test, anti-corrosion coating and tank farm piping installation.