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Offshore Facilities

CPP mainly engages in offshore pipeline engineering survey, design, construction, operation, in-service pipeline inspection and steel structure engineering etc.

With first class submarine pipeline construction qualification, CPP offers to its clients a series of service including feasibility study, preliminary design, detailed design, consultancy and on-site technical servicesfor offshore pipeline projects within 100m depth.

CPP takes the lead at home in the field of designing for large-diameter offshore pipeline in shallow sea and other more complex areas. Moreover, CPP has independently researched and developed a series of marine pipeline design software, such as SPFA, SPOS, SPFS, SPPA and SPCP, and compiled systematic codes and standards for marine pipeline projects.


Tanzania Natural Gas Pipeline Project

Clients: Tanzania Petroleum Development Corporation

Location: East coast of Tanzania

Length: 542 km in total, includingone nos. of main and branch onshore pipeline and one nos. of 29.25 km offshore pipeline.

Pipe diameter: Φ610mm of onshore pipeline, Φ914mm of offshore pipeline

Work scope: investigation, Preliminary design, EPC

Duration: 2013-2015

Maximum depth of water:46.3m


Huizhou offshore Pipeline Project

Client: Huizhou DayawanPetrochemical Industry Park Environmental Protection Development Co., Ltd.

Location: At BayDayawan in Huizhou petrochemical industrial zone, from the sea drainage pump station to the boundary of Dayawan nature reserve.

Length: 37.56km

Pipe diameter: Φ1016mm

Work scope: EPC

Duration: 2015-2016

Maximum depth of water: 24.6m


Shenzhen to Hong Kong Offshore Pipeline Project

Client: CNPC

Location: From Shenzhen Qianwan power plant to Hong Kong Lung Kwu Tan gas supply station.

Length: 2.99km

Pipe diameter: Φ813mm

Work scope: post trenching

Duration: 2012

Maximum depth ofexcavation: 4m


Expansion project of Angola Fishing Port Product Oil

Serving clients: Angobetumes (PUMA ENERGY)

Client: Angobetumes (PUMA ENERGY)

Location: Luanda Fishing Port

Work scope: EPC work for ten nos. of 19500m³ oil tank equipped with related firefighting systems, process pipelines and other infrastructure, two nos. of 20” offshore pipeline, pig launcher and receiver, one set of multi-point conventional mooring buoy (CBM) and pipeline end terminal manifold(PLEM)which processes the world largest mooring ability of docked 22.5DWT tankers maximum, two nos. of submarine pipeline which were successfully dragged back at the first time, loading trestle and other infrastructures like quay

Duration: 2014