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CPP is specialized in R&D, production and sales of high-quality chemical additives. The company has established integrated supporting system for raw material test, production monitoring, quality test and field service. CPP has the annual production capacity of 10,000m3 additives of all kinds. Such products are used for main oilfields in China and associated pipelines. They are also sold to foreign countries such as Sudan, Chad, Iran, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, India, Canada and Norway.


CPP takes the lead in R&D and production of the pour depressant, drag reducer, asphaltene precipitation inhibitor, demulsifier, reverse demulsifier, paraffin remover/inhibitor, etc. Such high-quality chemical additives are mainly used in the fields of oilfield development and pipeline transportation. An integral product structure has been formed to maximize the transport efficiency of various oil products. At present, CPP's Sino Oil King Shine Chemical Co,. Ltd. is granted 4 national patents for the pour depressant and the drag reducer.