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China Petroleum Pipeline Material and Equipment Company Ltd. (CPPMEC), a leading procurement and logistics service provider in oil and gas storage & transportation industry in China, enables CPP to provide clients with a wide range of logistics and procurement services including procurement service for both domestic and oversea projects, global trade, tendering agency, customs declaration and logistics, warehousing and storage, information management, internal group investment etc. The company has achieved many prizes and qualifications, such as National Excellent Logistics Enterprises, the National Best Energy Logistics Enterprise, the Tendering Agent Qualification Class B for Government Sponsored Projects, Qualification for Contracting Oversea Projects, Business Qualification for Global Trade, Qualification for International Freight Forwarding Agent, Qualification for Customs Declaration for both Importation and Exportation etc.


CPPMEC has worked with overseas institutions in Europe, Africa, North America, South America, Central Asia, Asia Pacific, Middle East, Southeast Asia and other regions. Over 3,000 manufacturers and companies from more than 40 countries like Germany, Italy, UK, France, Russia, USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, UAE, Kazakhstan, South Korea, Japan, South Africa and 30 provinces and cities nationwide, have established connection with CPPMEC, which has formed stable and reliable material supply network and rendered us with comprehensive resources’ reserves for pipeline, storage Tanks, refineries, LNG, LPG, marine engineering, oil field construction and other required materials. The company has cumulatively and successfully supplied to more than 130 large-scale long-distance pipeline projects worldwide with the mileage over 100,000 km, and oil and gas storage tank projects with the capacity over 30,000,000m³. The company can provide services to more than 20 large-scale oil and gas storage and transportation projects and can meet the procurement & logistics need up to 20 long-distance pipeline projects with the length of each over 1000km at the same time.