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Project Management

CPP adopts the international EPC project management model in carrying out its projects. In the last decade only, CPP has completed 45 EPC projects and 3 PMC projects in various countries, and has built over 20,000km pipelines. In successful execution of EPC projects such as the West China Pipeline, the 2nd West-East Gas Pipeline etc., CPP has formed its management system, accumulated its experience and cultivated its management talents. The company is capable of forming ten pipeline EPC project teams per year for the construction of over 1,000km pipelines each, three tank EPC project teams per year for tanks volume of 10,000,000m³ each, and 5 field surface EPC project teams per year for 1,000,000 tons/year production each.

Internationally, CPP develops in the facets of internationalization, high-end, specialty and differentiation. CPP delivers projects in 8 sections, and based on a full industry chain covering research, consultancy, survey, engineering, procurement, construction, machinery manufacture, commissioning, operation and maintenance, CPP is equipped with pipeline life-cycle management capability and can provide the clients with packaged solution and one-stop comprehensive service.