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Social Responsibility

CPP is committed to be a company with known for its implementation of corporate social responsibility.

As an energy company, CPP sticks to its business philosophy: "Caring for Energy, Caring for You". CPP actively fulfills its social responsibility by striving to achieve harmonious development between construction and safety, energy and environment, business and society, and enterprise and employees. It also actively responds to climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions in oil and gas production process. Furthermore, CPP develops and utilizes clean energy in its production to create a resource-saving, environment-friendly and safe production enterprise.

With rich experience in oversea projects and more than 30 oversea branches, CPP aims to promote the local employment and globalization of human resource pool. In order to deepen the degree of localization, the company attracts and retains local talents, enhances the local staff ratio in important technical and management positions. CPP also respects differences in personality, and religion, and cherishes the diversity of staff to eliminate employment and position discrimination. CPP has created a relaxing and inclusive working environment, and prompts mutual respect and understanding amongst staffs of different nationalities, regions and cultural backgrounds.

  • CPP Tanzania Project Benefits Local People The Tanzanian natural gas pipeline was constructed by CPP with a total length of more than 500km. Tanzania Prime Minister Pinda, the Chinese ambassador of Tanzania and local government officials had visited the construction site many times and gave full affirmation and high praise.
  • CPP Saudi "Public Interest +" Event On April 10, 2018, the CPP Ras Tanura project held a large "public interest +" event at the Rasim Men's High School to popularized safety knowledge, promote CPP safety culture, and send gifts and blessing to teachers and students.
  • CPP Donation in Chad Since entering the Chad market, with the strong support of the client, PMC, and CPP headquarters, CPP has always adhered to the principle of "build a project for the benefit of local people", and actively fulfilled its social responsibilities and provided jobs for the local people.
  • CPP Angola Donates for Local Public Welfare During the CPP Angola fishing port expansion project, a children playground was built for local residents. The vacant land that was originally a smelly garbage dump has became a mini excise yard and a playground for children.
  • CPP builds "green pipeline" to benefit local people in Niger CPP Niger always adheres to the CNPC tenet of “caring for energy, caring for you” and the concept of “mutual benefit, mutual development”.
  • CPP Badra Project Actively Performs Social Responsibility The CPP Badra project takes effective measures in terms of human resources, project subcontracting and environmental protection, and actively fulfilled its social responsibilities.
  • CPP Kazakhstan Becomes a Link of Kazakhstan-China Friendship Over the years, CPP Kazakhstan has established a profound friendship with the local people. It has actively provided employment trained local employees, donated money for the local people, and actively fulfilled its social responsibilities.
  • CPP Kenya Actively Participates in Local Public Welfare Activities CPP Kenya actively responded to the call of the Chinese Embassy's Counselling Office and the Economic and Trade Association for the series of charity activities of “Caring for Kenya”.