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Oil & Gas Storage

CPP provides global clients with oil & gas onshore storage construction services in the filed of crude oil, product oil, LPG, and underground oil and gas storage cavern, with the capability to construct 10 million m³ storage per year. As for underground gas storage, CPP has independently developed more than 10 essential technologies and related ground technologies applicable for various types of condensate gas/oil storage reservoir and salt cavern, including underground gas storage peak shaving technology, wellhead antifreeze anti-coagulation technology, pumped gas processing technology, gas filling compressor selection technology, filling and recovery technology, black oil removal and control technology. It also has optimized technologies for the entire natural gas network including production, supply, storage and distribution the surface and subsurface construction, the filling and recovery process in gas storages, which further guarantee the global energy saving. Technology of underground gas storage surface has been approved as CNPC proprietary technology (Code 03ZYDM009).


TEMA Depot EPC Project in Ghana

In March 2015, CPP successfully won the tender for the Tema Depot EPC project, which is the first large-scale liquefied petroleum gas bullet tank project contracted by CPP, and also the first time for CPP to enter into the Ghana market of oil and gas storage and transportation facilities. The project contract value exceeds 60 million US dollars, and the scope of work includes 8 sets of 13,500 cubic meters of product oil tanks, 4 sets of 2000 cubic meters of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) bullet tanks and associated loading, cylinder filling and odorizing systems for tanks, two refined oil pipelines 4.5 kilometers long each, one LPG pipeline with a length of about 4.5 kilometers, and auxiliary facilities for depot such as civil work, structure, building, fire fighting and loading.


Rumaila EPC Project in Iraq

The Rumaila EPC project includes the flow line project and the 3 X 25,000m 3 crude oil storage tanks project in Rumaila oil field. The works of modification for 8 nos. of ESP wellhead, revamp for 9 nos. of degassing station and construction for 20 wellhead flow lines have been finished by now.


Malange Depot Project in Angola

Invested by Pumangol Industrial Company, the project, located in Malange city, Malange Province, Angola, is made up of four tanks with a total capacity of 18,000m 3 (1 X 3,000m 3 ,3 X 5,000m 3 )and associated infrastructures such as firefighting system, loading jetty and process pipeline. It was handed over to the client for use on January 18, 2015, of which phase 1 was put into operation on April 20, 2015.


Bitumen Terminal at the Port of Matola, Mozambique

Owned by Puma Energy Mozambique, the project is located in the port area of Matola, Mozambique, of which the scope mainly consists of three 7000m 3 asphalt tanks, one 850m 3 firefighting water tank and a water supply tank and ancillary facilities, an office building, two guard rooms, a substation and supporting structures, landscaping, roads, walls, fire walls and ancillary facilities, and HVAC equipment.


Depot and Pipeline Project in Walvis Bay, Namibia

Located in the oil and gas industrial area on the northeast side of Walvis Bay, Namibia, the project includes oil terminals, connecting stations, export pipelines and storage tanks.

There are five lines in parallel, including offshore jetty lines, onshore lines and private terminal lines, with a total length of 6.24km. Covering the total area of 26010m 2 ,the new tanks have the total storage capacity of75,000m 3 , including two 20000m 3 diesel tanks, two 10000ms 3 gasoline tanks, one 5000ms 3 heavy fuel tank, a 5000m 3 diesel tank, a 5000ms 3 aviation kerosene tank. The construction also includes train and tanker loading area, firefighting tank, office buildings and other ancillary facilities..


Product Oil Depot in Angola

Invested by Pumangol Industrial Company, the project, located at FISHING PORT, Luanda, the capital of Angola, consists of seven nos. of tanks (including three internal floating roof tanks) with a total volume of 81,700m 3 (3 X 15,900m 3 , 3 X10,000m 3 ,1 X 4,000m 3 ), and related firefighting systems, loading jetty and process infrastructure are also built. On April 11, 2015, Angola Fishing Port oil depot project was put into operation.


Lanzhou Crude Oil Commercial Reserve

Located in Lanzhou city, Gansu province, the project is used to store the crude oil from Tarim, northern Xinjiang, Turpan and Kazakhstan, of which the work includes eighteen nos. of 100000m 3 double-deck external floating roof steel tank and auxiliary facilities as instrument, communication, drainage and firefighting. Commenced on January 18, 2009, the project was put into operation on June 30, 2013.


Anning Station Loading Facility for Yunnan Product Oil

Pipeline Company

Located in the Caopu town of Anning City, Yunnan Province, the project includes four 10,000m 3 floating roof storage tanks, four 5,000m 3 floating roof storage tanks, 452m2of laboratory,289m2of operation control room,2,000m³of loading bays, automatic control system, information management systems, fire control systems and other ancillary facilities. Covering a total area of 172.2mu, the project was started on November 27, 2015 and completed on July 31, 2017. Currently, the project is undergoing inspection and trial operation before commissioning.