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Survey and Design

CPP has its own professional designing institute, CPP Engineering Company(CPPE). As a national pioneer in oil & gas storage and transportation, CPPE possesses the Integrated Class A qualification in engineering design, survey, consultation, mapping and cost measurement. The company is qualified in undertaking engineering survey, design and EPC projects in a variety of 21 domains, such as petroleum/petrochemical engineering, hydraulic engineering, civil engineering, on-shore terminal, offshore pipeline, etc.

By now, CPPE has successfully completed the pipeline design with the accumulative length of over 100,000 kilometers, and oil depots design of which total volume has exceeded 35,000,000m³. At present, it has mastered the technologies of processing analysis and design for large-diameter long-distance oil & gas pipeline, large gas compressor station, 200000m³ oil tank, LNG liquefaction and storage terminal, all types of low-temperature storage tank, system for dispatch and control center, comprehensive pipeline tunnel, underground oil and gas storage depot, surface facilities on oil & gas field, GPS and satellite remote sensing for route selection, parallel placing of dual & triple pipeline, digital pipeline designing/restoring, pipeline integrity evaluation, pipeline on high strain or great elevation drop situations, and pipeline aerial crossing on large rivers.