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LNG Processing and Receiving Terminals

CPP is committed to all aspects and areas involving LNG project construction. The company has independent intellectual property rights of mixed refrigerant liquefaction process package, with internationally advanced energy efficiency, and mastered the natural gas deep acid removal process and LNG cryogenic storage tanks construction. In the aspect of LNG receiving station, CPP has fully mastered the key technologies such as loading and unloading, storage, BOG recondensation, gasification, pre-cooling design and risk analysis, and dozens of core technologies such as LNG storage tanks seismic analysis, stress analysis of, temperature simulation analysis, adjacent tank combustion analysis, and capable of designing 160,000 cubic meters and 200,000 cubic meters storage tanks. These achievements have been verified by internationally renowned consulting firms and have reached the international advanced level among similar projects.

Typical Projects:


TEMA Depot Project in Ghana

Client: Puma Energy

Scope of work:eight sets of 13500m2product oil storage tanks, four sets of2000m2buried LPG bullet tanks, firefighting water tank, three transmission pipeline totalizing 13.5 kilometers, piping network for LPG and product oil, loading jetty, LPG loading jetty, LPG cylinder filling workshop, administration office, etc.


Jiangsu LNG Sea-crossing Export Pipeline

Location: Rudong county, Jiangsu Province

Area: Rudong county, Jiangsu Province

Scope of work: sea-crossing export 1016mm diameterpipeline with 19.213kmin length.

Scope: feasibility study, preliminary design, and detailed design

Construction Period: 2010-2011


Shenzhen LNG Peak Shaving Station Project

Client: CNPC Shenzhen LNG Project

Location: Diefu, Dapeng Bay, Shenzhen

Scale of work: 3 million tons tank and 63km 813mm pipeline

Scope: feasibility study

Construction Period: 2015-2017